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Managing commercial and industrial space comes with several challenges, one of which is when a tenant abandons their space and leaves personal property. In the past it has proven to be an ad jurors task in getting the contents removed allowing the manager to release the space. Depending on how much stuff remains you were required to inventory everything, then determine a value and if it exceeded $750.00 or $1.00 per square foot of the premises occupied, the landlord was required to serve the 18-day notice and then upon its expiration, schedule a public auction, publish notice of the auction in a newspaper and hold a public sale. This low dollar threshold created a significant expense to the landlord in terms of lost time and lost rents, not to mention advertising costs as well.

Effective January 1, 2019, Assembly Bill 2847 went into effect which has now increased the threshold calculation of the total resale value of the abandoned property from $750.00 to $2,500.00 or an amount equal to one months rent for the premises the tenant occupies, whichever is greater. This increase will greatly reduce the number of auctions that will be required. All the balance of California Civil Code, Section 1993 remains in effect, so you will need to make sure you continue to notice and follow the proper procedures.

It is always advisable to check with you attorney should you have any questions at all. We have found it is well worth the dollars spent on legal advice. When in doubt ask.