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by Maureen M. Corona

As Christmas is upon us and our schedules slow down and we have time to spend with family and friends, it is also a time to reflect on how blessed we are to live in a nation that provides opportunities all around.

As a women business owner for over 35 years I have had to face many challenges to be successful in my business. I have worked in an industry that didn't always value what I could bring to the table and often was over looked when new opportunities were presented, but I choose not let that get in my way and worked even harder to succeed. I have provided a workplace of opportunities for women to have a voice and place of influence and a mentor environment to all those women who wanted to work hard and learn the property management and brokerage business to grow and soar. I have also face dissapointment from those who I once employeed, supported, trained and pushed for their advancement to make choices that ultimately hurt others.
The choices one makes is about character, honestly, principals and morals that scuptls the person we become.

So as we look back on the year of 2020 and faced the challengs it presented, I choose to look at the blessings it also present instead. The hope for 2021 is for a New Year of putting all that 2020 presented behind us. To heal as a nation, return to our jobs and/or start new ones and businesses recover from the closures they were forced to make this last year.

The New Year is a time to reset and start a new so from our family at McKenna & Company to yours we wish you a very blessed Christmas and holiday season and a safe and Happy New Year.